Consider EQ along with IQ when hiring.

I know that I have looked across the table and wondered if that person was smart enough for the job.  Its hard to know because hiring practices and interviewing etiquette have changed so much.  Maybe just asking yourself if the person is smart enough (IQ) is the wrong question.  Maybe it's their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that matters most.  

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence (EQ, or emotional quotient) can be summed up by a few characteristics:

·       The ability to evaluate one’s own emotions and their greater impact

·       Solid understanding of one’s abilities and self-worth

·       An innate desire to help toward the greater good

In other words, having a high EQ means you work well with others because you understand how your and your co-workers’ emotions affect each other. The argument goes: if our behavior is dictated by our emotions, then understanding them is the key to long-term success. 

WBS helps keep our clients abreast of hiring norms and guidelines to make sure that they are great places to work from the start.  Not to mention that we also provide our clients a HR Admin system to keep all their employees data secure.

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