So... What's the plan? You need a plan!

My Father was the hardest working, gentle, tough and most honest man I ever knew.  He was my Hero.  He was an incredible baker....respected and knowledgable.  He owned a bakery in Abilene, Texas, called Snowhite Bakery and his business thrived.  During college I worked at the bakery and learned the craft, but by no means mastered the art of baking.  Fast forward to 2002 and a conversation I had with him about joining his business and taking over when he retired in a year or two.  I enjoyed working at the bakery but did not want to be a baker as my career.  The next few years he had to spent coming up with the next plan.

Several of our WBS clients are family businesses or small businesses that will have to have a plan.  Start thinking about it now.  Make sure you have options at the end, just like you make sure you have options now.

Keep in mind when creating your succession plan:

  • Determine the roles and skills critical to the company‚Äôs growth

  • Identify employees who could fill other roles in the event of a vacancy and start cross training them now.

  • Identify and understand what training is needed for a smooth transition

  • Ensure that all employees recognize and understand their career paths and the

    roles that they are being trained to fill

  • Identify employees in all areas of the business and work to ensure they are

    highly engaged and satisfied with their roles and the organization itself

  • Understand the time needed to cultivate the talent needed to fill key roles

  • Review, evaluate and adjust the succession plan as employees transition in and

    out of key roles.

Knowing the direction of your business is so important.  Let me provide you with additional succession planning.  Email me at