HR Technology: Helping HR be better and easing compliance strains.

At WBS we know that HR departments struggle with additional workload, less resources to do their work and then compliance, that huge gorilla, breathing down their necks.  So where does that leave a HR department?  Over worked, burned out, stressed and not satisfied or happy at work.  How do we know?  We have been working through this with our clients to help make HR and compliance easier.  

Here are a few ideas to help.

  • Technology really helps. Look for a technology platforms that fits your needs and budget. This will help streamline HR processes and make your HR department more efficient.

  • Help the right people in your organization know there is a need. Sometimes the person that can help the most is the person that doesn't know their is a problem. Make sure to tailor your message to fit your needs. Also have a solution or two that they can consider when you meet.

  • Have the data to back up the need, but do it with a smile. HR has a big role in compliance. Make sure that the need to stay in compliance is stressed during the meeting. When running a business making the money is the priority but fees and penalties can be a quick drain to the bottom line.

  • Look for help outside your organization. Look for the value added items that your current vendors can offer you.... but you have to ask about them.

WBS decided had you help our clients even more. 

  1. We decided to help by purchasing a HR Admin platform for our clients. We provide this platform at no cost to our clients.

  2. We decided that our clients needed ongoing information about everything HR. So, we send a weekly email about compliance, benefit trends, employee wellness and so on.

  3. We also decided that our clients need to be as paperless as possible and keep information secure. So we now also provide and enrollment system for them to use at our expense.

Why would we decide to do all this?  Because its important!  This all allows our clients to get back to running your business.

See what our clients say about how they have been helped on our website.