Supplemental Benefits: Accidents can be devastating. Be ready!

My favorite supplemental policy is an Accident plan, which is also one of the most commonly known supplemental policies.  These plans can also cover family members to insure that everyone is protected. 

Most people do not want to even think about accidents occurring, but they happen all the time. Even something as small as getting dirt in your eye that causes an infection qualifies as an accident and you can make a claim.

Accidents can happen without warning and can be devastating.Most people are not financially or emotionally prepared for the cost associated with an accident.  However, when an employer offers a group accident insurance plan as part of their benefits package it can help employees make it through the event less scathed.   

Group accident insurance plans covers a variety of accidents, such as:

-Hospital admissions and confinement and expenses

-Burns, broken bones, blood & ambulance services

- Other medical & rehabilitation charges

-Accidental death and dismemberment

All of these are benefits are covered and more depending on the type of plan selected & are usually 100 % employee paid. 

Group accident insurance can be a financial lifesaver for your employees.  Consider offering it as a part of your benefits package this enrollment season.

If you have any comments, concerns or would like to set up a quick meeting with me to learn more about supplemental policies like this one or other policies and plans that we can provide for your employees, do not hesitate to contact me.



Written by: Natasha Yoakum an Agent in the Abilene office.