Being a Better You: Lions, Tigers and Ducks???


I recently came across a blog by Darren Hardy, a success mentor to CEOs and High-Performance Achievers, had published. He was discussing building great teams and what animal species you would want to emulate to form a team. Lions, Eagles, Tigers, and even Salmon were guesses that were mentioned, but it was Ducks that were held up as the species to mimic when creating a team.

 You read right – Ducks.

 Ducks work together to accomplish feats unimaginable and impossible for almost all other animals. They fly hundreds, if not thousands, of miles because the work as a team.

 As you know, ducks fly in a V-formation and as each duck flaps its wings it creates an uplift for the duck behind it. This effect is perpetuated through their V-formation.

 By working together, the whole flock adds 71% more flying range than if each bird flew alone.  Imagine if your team worked together so well.  All the while everyone is working with stress and strain. 

 Another awesome thing about ducks is when a duck gets sick or wounded, two ducks will fall out of formation and follow it down to help protect it.They will stay with that duck until it is able to fly again, or it dies. Then they launch out to join another formation or work together to catch up with the flock. Isn’t that perfect? 

 Are we standing by our people when they are in need or do we turn a blind eye and say, “That sucks for you, duck.”  Being a part of a team is being there in the good times and the bad.

 Like ducks, people naturally gravitate towards organizations that will shelter and protect them and make life better than if they were left to fend for themselves.

 Let us at Workplace Benefits Solutions become the part of your team that protects your team members in good times and the bad, so you and your team can fly farther.

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Joe Tallant