Employee Benefits: Student Loans are "The Albatross Around Your Neck." We Can Help.


Student loans are the albatross around the neck of young employees and a good way to solve it is a real struggle for employers.  Once camp says to pay a portion off for them while they work, while another says that they help consolidate.  Is either a good answer?

 In short we have a problem!! 

A few quick facts:

About 45,000,000 people have student loans

Most debt is about $30,000-$35,000 upon graduation

More is owed on student loans than credit card ANDauto loans

Typical debt on Parent PLUS loans is about $35,000


So how can Workplace Benefits Solutions help?  We have a program that finds Federal Government Subsidiesto help pay monthly payments.  Saving 50% on the payment isn’t a surprise… kind of expected.  

 How does this help employers?

-      Employees are helped without a direct cost to the company.

-      Providing a real need benefits to your employees.

-      Employees are focused on work… not their finances.

-      Free up money for other needed expenses or investments.


What does this process look like?

1.  We need to have a conversation about your needs.

2.  Decide how best to implement for your company… we have 3 different methods.  3.  You pick what works best for your needs.

4.  We educate your employees on the process.


WBS knows that not every employer will do this plan so if you need some help give us a call and we can help you too.